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Wynn Geary Q4 Portfolio

This quarter I was inspired by Wes Anderson and fully amerced myself in everything Wes Anderson. This is clearly visible in my typography study and in the work from the Wes Anderson Film Festival. While it may not be as clear in the work for the smart hive or for the Neighborhood conservation kit, it still influenced the work on some level. I'm looking forward to going to RISD next year but I know I have to keep my blinders on and stay focused on the necessary work, so I looked at this quarter as one last hurrah where I went all out. 
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Wynn Geary Capstone


In the three years since I’ve started keeping bees I’ve been asked, “So what’s up with the bees and colony collapse disorder?” I’ve been giving people the best answer I can: “The truth is we just don’t know right now.” Based on everything I know about Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) is not the result of any one thing, it’s the result of many occurrences. I suspect that these include herbicides like Roundup and other chemicals, along with climate change, loss of habitat and other unknown factors.

Currently, data about bee decline is very localized. In order to collect more meaningful data about CCD, we need to research the health of hives on a national and even a global basis through small scale beekeeping. I am endeavoring to do this with internet enabled beehives equipped with internal sensors.

After researching existing “smart” beehives, and winning the SLA capstone mini-grant, I was able to enlist the expertise of  Maximillian Lawrence, who is the artist in residence at The Hacktory, which is part of the Department of Making and Doing located at the University City Science Center. Max is a graduate of both RISD and Cornell, and is both a painter and electrical engineer. Max has been lending his considerable skills to build a sensor kit that will give us accurate data on honeybee colony health.

On Tuesday, May 19th, I installed the first half of the sensor kit inside the very first “Smart Hive” prototype, consisting of a tiny wireless camera and an infrared light enclosed in a custom fabricated case that will stream live high quality video of the honeybees inside the hive. On Thursday May 21st, Max joined me to install the first set of sensors, allowing us to track temperature, humidity, noise level and barometric pressure. I am very excited to begin the iterative process of monitoring conditions inside the hive and collecting data that will help us understand more about what is happening to honeybee colonies everywhere.
sensor_install_4 (1)
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Wynn Geary Q3 Art Portfolio

This quarter I got accepted to the Rhode Island School of Design, the top design school in the world. I'm pretty insanely excited and I'm not totally sure how I got in but somehow I did. Along with the good though, I lost my laptop with most of my design work on it, some files were backed up, but many were not. The work shown above is what I've done physically and after loosing my laptop. Recently I've been very interested in Wes Anderson's films and have used them as inspirations for my work. 
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Wynn Geary Q2 Art Portfolio

My artwork this quarter was fueled by my RISD application. Below you can see some of the pieces I will be submitting. I've learned a lot over the past 6 months about drawing and feel much more confident with my ability to draw, I'm not Michelangelo or anything, but I'm happy with the work I've produced. 
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Wynn Geary Q2 Benchmark


As I was jarring honey over the summer I re-watched Food Inc. and felt oddly satisfied that I was actively taking down “big honey”. As an urban farmer I’m really exited to eat local food and bring it to the community. I’d like to think that I’m a warrior in the battle against corporate food companies. Although at this point I’m not providing food for an entire community, I would like to in the future. While reading and researching (urban) farming I’ve learned a lot about food that we as consumers are completely blind to. For example, I wanted to get goats and I started thinking how awesome it would be to get milk from local goats, the more I read the more I realized that goats and cows milk works just like a human, they have to be pregnant or a new mother in order for them to produce milk. That means that I would have to birth a baby goat before I could have a goat to milk. That was a moment where I really realized how far away we are from our food that we don’t even know how milking a goat or cow works.

My inspiration for urban farming Novella Carpenter wrote in her book “Farm City” about trying to eat food only from her own locally grown organic garden or trading her own food with friends for other locally grown food for a month. I would love to be able to do this at some point in my life, Maybe I could try it for a week this year eating only eggs, honey and greens from my garden.

Recipe for soft boiled eggs:

Recipe makes 1 serving with 2 eggs per serving.



• Eggs (2)

• Salt, Pepper or spices to taste. 

• Coconut Oil (1Tbsp.)



Cooking Instructions:

(Depending on how you choose to cook them, soft boiled eggs can be made differently)


In class I will remove eggs from the carton and crack them into the receptacle (after coating the tin in coconut spray) of the soft boiled egg maker. I will fill the machine with water and place the tray inside, then put the lid on and wait until the timer goes off. I’ll remove the tray and plate the eggs and allow people to add salt if they wish. 


At home you can make soft boiled eggs by placing whole untracked eggs into a saucepan, then filling the pan with water until the eggs are fully submerged. Bring the water to a boil on high heat. Once the water is boiling, reduce the heat to a medium-low and cook the eggs for 2-4 minutes (the longer you cook the eggs, the harder boiled they will be, if you like the yolk runny, cook the egg for 2 minutes, if you prefer the yolk firmer, cook for 4 minutes or more). Once the eggs are done, remove them from the water, and gently crack the top of the egg open and enjoy.


Contrary to popular belief, eggs do not increase cholesterol. Eggs are a superfood just like Kale and Salmon. Eggs provide very lean protein, with no fat, no sugar and only 78 calories per egg (and even less in the egg white alone) and provide high quality protein providing all the essential amino acids and will keep you full for hours after you eat them.


Sourcing The Food:

What’s really unique about this meal is that it only has one single ingredient, and that ingredient has come from my backyard. Socially, this egg means a lot to me because I’ve connected with my chickens and can see the process from animal, to plate. Part of what urban farming is all about is connecting with your food and when selling it to others, I believe it’s important to share it’s story. What’s awesome is that each egg I bring tomorrow will  be from a different chicken. I’ll be able to explain to people (If they want) which chicken laid which egg and their personality and why the egg is the size or shape that it is. For a detailed plan of how this will go, please refer to this Portlandia clip:


Again, these eggs have come from my backyard in Philly only 8 miles from school and the only fossil fuel used to transport them will be used by the bus that drives me to school. Unfortunately, my eggs aren't organic, while the chickens are cage-free, free ranging and the feed we feed them is organic, we also choose to feed them table scraps from our house that are not organic. Because the chicken and egg are similar to a mother and baby, the nutrients eaten by the chicken are passed on to the egg. 


One of the best part about these eggs is that they’re free. No one made money off of these eggs, the only real money spent was on the chicken, their food and the chicken coop.  Compared to the eggs you might get at a fast food restaurant, these eggs have much more protein in them, you can even see the difference, store bought eggs are noticeably less vibrantly orange than farm fresh eggs. 


I don’t feel like this is the place to lecture people on the differences between factory egg production and at home egg production, this is certainly a good hook to get people interested. If people are interested, I have pictures of my chicken coop and we can look up images of factory farming and highlight the clear differences between the two. Simple things like cage-free and free ranging and comparing that chickens are kept in cages 24-7 and their eggs drop through the floor and run down a conveyor belt compared to a chicken being able to roam around a clean spacious area and when they feel like laying an egg, they have the option of various nesting places where they can calmly lay their eggs. I can talk for days about chickens. 

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Wynn Geary Quarter One Art Portfolio

I've never thought of myself as an artist, I've always seen myself as a designer, I can make things look good on the computer but I've never liked anything I've drawn. Only recently have I come to terms with the fact that the 2 are not mutually exclusive, you cannot have one without the other. This year everyone is expecting me to produce artwork that will get me into the top art schools in the country and while I have no hope of producing anything as nice as the other students that will be applying, I am trying to get better. 

My work is clean simple and modern, inspired by Art Deco and the WPA design movements. Recently My work has been driven by the beautiful works of Always With Honor and Vitra. I also have an un/healthy obsession with mountains.
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Wynn Geary Q4 Art

This quarter I expanded my interest in photography from quarters 2 and 3. I Find architecture and contrast of negative and positive space fascinating, I believe that this comes directly from my graphic design background. You can see that in numbers 2 and 5 especially. I recently did some very fun long exposure images, learning about the censor and taking knowledge from the pinhole photography I learned as a child and applying it to a digital camera. After a few failed attempts at photographing the clouds and stars moving in long exposure, my dad and I started to play with adding light as another element to our long exposure images. It started by just running around the yard with our iphone flashlights on and morphed into drawing things with light (see the angel in image number 14). 
manayunk farm icon
manayunk farm_milk
Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 3.00.55 PM
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Wgeary Q2

This Quarter, I found ways to bridge art and design. I painted a pantone ceiling tile (and plan to make more) which was an incredibly cool way to link design to painting and colors.(Unfortunatly I lost all the photos of it, I hope you can remember it) I beefed up my visual art portfolio substantially by going out and doing some urban photography with my new 35mm lense. (here's a link to my flickr) In an attempt to work more in 3D, I’m working on a set of colorful building blocks and a laser cut scarf of the philly skyline. The posters of the WPA era are some of my highest held inspirations, I appropriated two Montana travel posters featuring beautiful mountain scapes. I turned the scaled into wallpapers for both computers and iphones. 
Sunoco Lights
Lights & Sea Gull
Restless City
arizona mountians
Two WPA desktop wallpapers
An incredibly detailed laser cut pamphlet about european debt that I designed and fabricated.
Early drafts of ​Philadelphia skyline/bauhaus inspired building blocks. For the Public Workshop Kickstarter I've been doing lots and lots of research about the toys and especially the building blocks of 1900s. I've read "Century of the Child" a book from MoMA about the toys, playgrounds, kids of the 1900s. It focuses on what was going on in the world (like WWII) and how it affected the mindsets of the people and how it affected the toys and children. Below are images of "Century of The Child" and some of the blocks from the book.
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Wynn Geary Q2 Art

This quarter I tried to focus on a little bit more physical art as opposed to design. I started off the quarter by spending a few weeks on a ceiling tile inspired by my previous sticker art squids and marine life. For christmas I got a NeoLucida as a gift (click link to learn more) A NeoLucida is a prism that you look through and it projects an object sitting in from of you onto your paper (sort-of). I've spent a lot of time futzing with the NeoLucida and don't have a lot to show for it, but once I figure out how to make things do right side up, I'm excited to do some more serious drawing with it. I've also been casually challenged with designing a chicken coop for small backyards in Philly (drawings above). And on a more serious note, designing a scarf that will be sold and put into production in the spring. I haven't stopped designing either, this quarter I designed Ms. Ramis Website (  and designed and layed out an entire 50 page magazine among re-designing my logo (for the first time since 5th grade) and my website. 

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 10.12.55 PM
Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 10.12.12 PM
Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 10.12.35 PM
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Wynn Geary Q1

Found Object Sculpture:

“Personal Jesus”

Before my grandparent’s house caught on fire, I was able to take this Jesus statue out of the house. I really wasn’t a fan of the color and I got inspired by the Depeche mode song that was covered by Johnny Cash and later Marilyn Manson “Personal Jesus”. The idea is that everyone has a personal Jesus, someone to hear their prayers, someone who’s there. 

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 7.19.28 PM
Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 7.23.12 PM
Copy a Master:

Andy Warhol Cats:

For my copy a master I chose to focus on Andy Warhol and his collection of cat drawings. These  pen and water color pieces are fantastic and really capture Warhol, they were unique and simple but filled with character and color.

Click Here to view the the first original piece and the 2nd original piece

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 7.33.38 PM
Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 7.30.19 PM
Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 7.26.56 PM
Photo 4
Photo 5
Photo 6


This fall I’ve been working on a giant rebrand for Engchat, A website that encourages communication collaboration and conversation in english teachers. The site it run by SLA’s very own Meenoo Rami. I worked with Ms. Rami on lots and lots of variations of the logo. 

Engchat On White

The logo when through many stages (pictures shown below) and finally we decided to strip down the entire logo to just our typography and to incorporate our favorite aspect of the logo, the pencil hashtag. I made the hashtag pencil colored and we came up with something that we absolutely loved. 

Below is an image of the logo at different stages throughout the design process.

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 7.44.38 PM
At one point during the process of making the logo, we had lots of things that we wanted to put on the logo and lots of ideas for the logo but we hadn't yet come to a solution about to put all of the things we wanted into a single image. I came up with the idea to laser cut all of the design elements I had created and then using the piece, allow my client to build their own logo out of paper. This was helpful for 2 reasons, I got to see what style my client wanted and my client was also able to see that with the number of things they wanted in the logo it was almost impossible to not make it look over crowded. Below are some images of logos that we made
Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 9
Photo 3
Photo 10
Photo 12
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Christopher and His Kind

WGeary Christopher and His Kind Book Cover
I redesigned Christopher Isherwood's Christopher and His Kind book cover. I took the art deco book cover and the 2011 movie poster and mashed them up into an art deco style version of the movie poster.
Book Review:

Christopher Isherwood is known as a pioneer of gay literature. He wrote many fictional books based oh his life in Berlin’s gay community in the early to mid 1900s. Christopher and His Kind, is one of Isherwood’s few non-fictional books and is very much an autobiography. The book was written as a reflection on ten years of his life from 1929-1939. The book was published in early 1976 and gathers Isherwood’s, diary entries, letters between Isherwood and his close friends, excerpts from his books and personal memory into one intellectually gripping book.

Christopher and His Kind was in many ways Isherwood’s tell all book. He writes of his outlandish friends and what characters they inspired in his previous novels, We meet Gerald Hamilton, the main character from Mr. Norris Changes Trains. Gerald is an older gay man who is known throughout Europe as a slimy conman who Christopher (like many others) is drawn to. Isherwood also writes about the Dramatic Jean Ross, the Lead character in Sally Bowls, she is a loud and theatrical British woman to which Christopher has a sisterly connection to. 

We also get to meet Christopher’s Personal friends and Colleagues like Wystan Auden, a satyrical poet who invites Christopher to Berlin in the first place; E.M. Forester, Author of the widely successful A passage to India and Isherwood’s mentor; Stephen Spender known for his many books of poetry. Then there is of course, Heinz Neddermeyer, Christopher’s love interest for the majority of the book, who he explored Europe with in the mid 1930s.

The story begins as Christopher takes a short vacation to visit Wystan Auden in Berlin. Auden takes Christopher around berlin, showing him the underground bars where Berlin’s gay culture thrived. After this trip, Christopher falls in love with Berlin and shortly after, moves there permanently. Christopher Lived in Berlin, moving to new parts of the city and meeting new people and writing new books, until the Nazi takeover in 1933. Christopher spent much of his time after leaving Germany in England, writing screenplays and trying desperately to get Heinz out of Germany. Christopher begins to develop a hatred for the U.K. and struggles to get both he and Heinz to the United States.

Christopher and His Kind as a book in entirety, is incredibly interesting because of the way that it is narrated, Isherwood talks in both the first and third person at any said time, attempting to distinguish between his past self and his present self. This leads to a multi-layered story, with the almost novelesque writings of his experiences in the 20s and 30s, but with an overlying narration from Isherwood, where he looks back and explains why he did something or how he feels about a certain topic now that he is older. In this  overlying narration, he adds in interesting things for the reader like diary entries, letters and poems. This makes Christopher and His Kind a fascinating theory book to boot, Isherwood deals with homosexuality and human behavior and contemplates them in a way that one can only do many years after the fact.

BBC released a movie based on Christopher and His Kind in 2011. Needless to say, it is very different than the book, having Christopher and all of his friends live in the same apartment building together when in reality, they may never have met each other at all. BBC did a fantastic job casting the rolls for the movie and the actors look exactly how Isherwood describes them in the book. The visual of the characters from the the movie crossed with the depth of the characters from the book created a very 3D and real aspect to story.

The movie has a phenomenal cast, starring Matt Smith who gives a remarkable performance as Christopher. Smith captured many of Isherwood’s mannerisms and plays a remarkably believable gay man. Watching the movie, then reading the book can be very interesting in terms of contrast, Smith gives such a wonderful performance as Christopher that one can’t help but prefer to imagine him rather than Isherwood in the role. Although That’s not to discount Isherwood’s writing style. Isherwood is known as one of the most influential Gay writers of his time. If you’re a fan of gay and lesbian literature, read any of Isherwood’s books, and know that they are the first of their kind. 

Christopher and His Kind

Christopher Isherwood

Publisher: Mc-Graw Hill

Year Published: 1976

Pages: 339 

Gay, Drama, Romance, Autobiography 

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National Writing Day

Books like "Two Boys Kissing" that are narrated by generations of members of the LGBT community give solace to youth who are going through things that every LGBT person has gone through. Reading these books connects us to these Authors and give us mentors that we never would have had otherwise. 
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Wynn Geary Q4 Art


This quarter in art I focused on a range of things both digital and physical including my website and a ceiling tile tie painting. 


Having essentially finished building my website, I was able to sit down ad take a look at how people used my site. I noticed that a few changes had to made to the prioritization of different sections of art. I also realized that A new homepage could make the site significantly easier to navigate. After re-designing the homepage, I made minor tweaks to the site that made the visual experience both easier to use and more pealing. 
Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 11.49.23 PM
Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 11.50.03 PM
Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 12.10.31 AM
​Painting/physical art:

I often work with a lot of my art on the computer and when I get a change to actually work with my hands I love it. A really popular project this quarter for our class was painting a drop-down ceiling tile. I took a cartoon-like image of a cat that I doodled in my journal and drew it out on a ceiling tile. I used white paint and india ink. 
Another project that I worked on this past quarter was a mason jar light. Ever since my family has started bee keeping, we've needed a lot of mason jars (to feed the bees sugar water with). After we stopped feeding the bees, we had an excess of jars, we've been drinking out of them and even making lighting. I essentially just cut a hole in the to of the jar lid and pulled the light bulb socket through and hung it from the ceiling. 
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What Does SLA Look Like?

We need the help of students, teachers and parents to answer this question. 
This focus group will advise and give feedback to a team of designers who will be creating a potential school logo as well as other projects to be determined. Being part of this project will require some brief meetings over the summer (virtual or in person) as well as meetings before the school year ends. If you would like to be part of this project fill out the google form below. If you have any questions, email Wynn Geary at wgeary [@] scienceleadership [dot] org

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Othello BM Journals - WGeary

 Wynn Geary,

Friday May 3rd 2013 

E Band



(Iago sits on the side of the stage, his feet dangling off the stage. He has a perplexed look on his face.) “I have rubbed this young quat almost to the sense,” (He brings his arms up to his face while he is saying his line and makes a face, acting as though he is popping a pimple.) “And he grows angry. Now,” (He imitates a mad Othello.) “whether he kill Cassio” He takes out a wooded dagger and acts as if Othello has just stabbed him) “Or Cassio him,” (He turns the dagger around and acts as if he is stabbing Othello) “or each do kill the other,” (He pretends to stab Othello and then acts as if he is dying as well) “Every way makes my gain.” (He smiles widely to the audience. Then suddenly, it fades.) “Live Roderigo, He calls me to a restitution large Of gold and jewels that I bobbed from him As gifts to Desdemona.” (A look of greed/plotting crosses his face) “It must not be.” (He twirls the dagger in his hands) “If Cassio do remain He hath a daily beauty in his life That makes me ugly.” (He puts his fingers up to his head to look like the devil, and makes a sad face) “And besides, the Moor May unfold me to him—there stand I in much peril.”  (He stops twirling the knife and grasps it with both hands and points it up.) “No, he must die.” (Pause) “But so, I hear him coming.” (He stands up and scampers into a hiding place).


Emilia appears in Act 2, scene 1, Act 3 scenes 3 and 4, Act 4, scenes 2 and 3, and Act 5 scenes 1 and 2. In the beginning o the play, she not only observes, but is an instrumental pawn in Iago’s plan to “dethrone” Othello. She gives Iago Desdemona’s handkerchief. Secondhand, I feel like Emilia is somewhat out of the loop in the play, She doesn’t realize how absolutely insane Iago is until like the last scene. I think that Emilia being “out of the loop” explains a lot about her “motivations”. She really doesn’t fully get what’s going on, and for anyone that’s out of the loop, not just her, that can lead to uneducated decisions being made. I think that essentially, Emilia being out of the loop shows that her actions are neither right nor are they wrong, they are simply uneducated and while they still are critical in the progression of the story, they don’t have either a positive or negative motivation behind them. If we zoom in on one of her scenes in particular, in act 3 scene 3 she picks up Desdemona’s handkerchief and gives it to Iago, if you focus on only this scene, her actions only become increasingly more disjointed.  



When Iago was a boy, he grew up in a small house in a northern Italian town called Padova. His father was a metalsmith for the army; his mother, a stay at home mom who kept watch of Iago and his brother and sister. Iago and his siblings spent their days in the woods and meadows just outside of town; Iago (being the youngest) always had to be the villain in any games they played. Some say that the oppression of his siblings lead to Iago becoming coldhearted and jealous, explaining to an extent his becoming twisted and doing the awful things he did later in life. As a teenager, Iago studied and he spent more time with books than girls - and as a result had few relationships. 

That all changed when (to the excitement of his father) he joined the army and moved to Venice. He met a girl there, also from a small town. Iago and Emilia braved the city of Venice and soon found themselves in love. Even after they were married, Iago’s jealousy showed, he would become angry with Emilia when he saw her talking to men, even in the market. After years of living together in Venice, As Iago moved up in the army ranks, he and Emilia moved to Cyprus, where “Othello” takes place. 


There isn’t a whole lot we could do with our scene, yes, 2 people die, but we just didn’t feel like we had tons of control over the way that it happened. A couple of the things that I (Iago) do are, run onto the stage panting a little bit, yelling a couple of curse words, and then doing a little choreographed stabbing of Emilia. My plan is to make a cardboard dagger, it’d be great if I could find a legitimate looking dagger, but I don’t think that’s possible given the amount of time. I also have a cool puffy white button down shirt that I think will be the perfect thing to wear during the performance. I think that the main thing that makes our group’s performance stand out is that we have the finale. Everyone except for Iago dies and I think it’s the only scene where almost everyone ends the scene lying on the floor. In terms of things that our group has planned out, the biggest thing is the stabbing, we have a little choreographed thing and it seems to run smoothly in rehearsal so, fingers crossed it goes well tomorrow. 


“I told him what I thought, and told no more than what he found was apt and true.” This is a line that brings the audience up to speed on what has happened and brings Emilia up to speed as well so that she finally realizes all of what’s been going on. In rehearsal I spoke this line with a partially guilty tone, although I’d realized that Iago isn’t guilty at all, so I  to switch it to more of a sly tone. I was really surprised at how great everybody’s performance was, last minute I felt like I totally had to step it up. I messed up once because I thought I had one more line before it was my cue. I had to fumble with my script to deliver my last line. Otherwise, I think our presentation went really well. We all remembered our lines for the most part and our choreographed stabbing went really well. I was a little lost at the end because no one clapped and we had to announce that the scene was over, but other than that I think it was great. 

I’m proud of remembering my lines, honestly, if I had one more day with my script I wouldn’t have needed it at all. There are more things that I wished I had done then hand’t done, I think we could have been more creative with our skit for sure. I think that it would have been awesome to have a full on long rehearsal before the real performance so that we could have noted what other groups were doing and had time to make some minor edits to our own skits. I know this is a really simple answer, but watching the full play all the way through made me have a fuller understanding of the play. Being able to sit down and see the entire story of the play all in one sitting opposed to reading the book, stoping and leaving parts of the story disjointed and rough. This really connected the story completely and shed light on parts of the play that may not have made sense when reading the book. 

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Q3 Art/Design

This quarter, I worked on a number of different art/design projects. The main project that was officially for art class was the Vans Custom Culture competition. I was in charge of designing and applying a design for the BMX, surfing and skateboarding themed classic vans shoe. My idea sprouted from the idea of transpiration and Philadelphia transportation (SEPTA) in the form of a subway map. 

I started out in adobe illustrator looking at real world subway maps and designed my own. After much thought about how to actually apply the map to the white shoe, we figured that the easiest thing to do would be to use packing tape to make a template and paint the lines on the shoe. I stayed for a few days after school working on taping and painting and finally on the day it was due I finished and the shoe was complete and ready to be photographed and submitted. 

vans subway

On top of the work in art class, I also worked on a number of personal projects. The biggest of them all has been launching my website. I used adobe muse and have been building the website since December. I went into building the website without a real theme for the website, my only real idea for it, was that I wanted there to be a business card on the home page with 2 buttons going to my graphic design portfolio and the other to a photography portfolio. I built the homepage like I wanted it and continued on to designing the actual portfolios. With the help of my mentor phil, we came up with a side scrolling circle concept. It took a few weeks to finally gt the website into a form that was simple and easy for the viewer to use. 

Now that the website is usable, I’m going back and re-designing the pages and taking a second look and deciding what might be better and adding features that some users asked for. One of the big changes that I’ve made already is re-designing the home page, this iteration pulls from my vans custom culture design and uses the “subway stops” as the buttons for the contact page and both portfolios. The URL for the website is

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 2.55.32 PM
Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 2.55.21 PM
Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 2.55.39 PM
​Other projects included:

Re-designing the SLARP logo,

I've also been working on projects with my mentor like, 
Creating concepts for a nascar/national guard project

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Luisa y Pablo

Click Here


Who was the doctor in the story?

Why was fish sad?

Who was having a party?

Who provided the music?

Who are the main characters?

What game did the animals play?

what was the problem in the story?

Whose house did the fish go to first?

What floor did Mr. Octopus live on?

What river did the animals live in?

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Geometry Q3 Benchmark Reflection - WGeary

Screen Shot 2013-03-18 at 7.22.15 PM
How does this project relate to the real world?

I was poking around the easy measure app and I found their instructional video, and I realized how many uses the app (and the mirror method etc.) really have. In the video these people were trying to re-arrange their apartment and they were trying to figure out if they would be able to move the couch in a certain place and still be able to see the TV. So I think that’s a totally legitimate real world use.

What was the most exciting portion of this project and why? What was the least exciting portion to this project and why?

I’m always excited about a project involving art. Since I love art and all that junk it just makes the project a lot more mentally manageable for me, knowing that after I finnish all the calculations that I can do art. My least favorite part of the project was probably having to go measure the building, the realizing your measurements were wrong. Then having to go back and re-measure only to realize that your new measurements aren’t much better. I've realized that the mirror method is a little funky, anything that relies on human involvement isn't going to be super accurate. I'd like to compare all 3 methods and see if there is one that tends to get a more accurate answer. 

What did you learn from completing this project?

I don’t think I’ll be finding myself measuring the heights of building too often (but hey, who knows).  I think the easy measure app really showed me that there are a lot of different ways to use this concept.  I feel like I’ll use this to find the height of things in the future though, like in the video I could see myself moving furniture and having to make sure that everything would fit properly.  

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Boundaries Between Gender

Where is the boundary between male and female? This question is extremely complicated and can only really be answered fully by someone who has spent time as both. ​I interviewed Jaymie Campbell at Mazzoni Center. He considers himself "queer" he is trans and agreed to talk to me about his experience being trans, the concept of being "queer" and being somewhere between male and female. We talk about where societies boundaries between male and female and at what point Jaymie felt that he switched from female to male both physically and mentally. 

Interview with Jayme part 1
​I've been a part of the lgbtq community for almost a year now, I've formed really good relationships with trans people from across the country. I generally knew what was going on with them, but there was still the question of what happens mentally. The idea of being trans is that you were born in the wrong body, so you've "always been" the gender you were, but you just need your body to follow. Even to one person there are 2 boundaries already, both the physical and mental. When you start to tune into the mind of someone who is queer, you start to realize how many seemingly simple everyday things change.Take using the bathroom for example, it's harder for someone who is queer because, if there is a mens bathroom and a female bathroom and you are anywhere in-between or out-between those two, then where do you go? 

Q2 Graphic Design Artwork

This quarter I worked on my own typeface. It's called "Not Applicable" the logo for the font is below. The N and A are also 2 of the letters I'm most proud of, the N shows the simplicity side of the font while the A shows the simplistic elegance of it. The designas I mentioned reflects my love of simplicity but yet it still has enough substance to be elegant. The elegance is brought in because of the "barbs" (the half serifs attached to some letters), these "hold down" the letters solidifying them to the page instead of having them disappear.  So far only the lowercase version of the font is complete (shown below). The lowercase has less barbs than the uppercase font does, I wanted the lower case letters to flow better and be more simplistic being held down by the weight of the uppercase font. A preview of the uppercase version of the font is below.
Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 9.25.52 AM
Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 9.28.09 AM
Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 9.46.21 AM
Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 9.46.27 AM
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The Origins of My Language

I have an eclectic language. It is specific only to me. It’s like a house furnished with tables and chairs from around the world. My specific dialect has morphed throughout my life with every new experience I have and every community I spend an extended amount to time with. I’ve been to 3 different schools with 3 very different cultures and I’ve joined a few communities too, although I’ll only talk about one of the most prominent ones. Something else I should note before I start is that I don’t count the language spoken at home as a dialect, it’s more of a baseline that one builds from. Languages are sort of like our personalities, your experiences throughout your life shape and form who you are, all of your communities and experiences add things to your language, everyone had their own, here’s mine.

“Hey Erica” I would say to my teacher “When you get a second could you come here and tell me what the heck I’m doing wrong?”

“Sure or you could come talk to me during choice time”
 I started elementary school at Miquon, a small private school in the woods outside of Philadelphia. The school is an incredibly informal place where students call their teachers by their first names. There is a specific dialect spoken there because it is so secluded, words like “Monkeyland” or “choice time” make complete sense to anyone from there but to an outsider they’re useless. Now “Monkeyland” is a wooded hill just south of the creek where kids build forts out of logs and trade for things using a particular rock called quartz crystal as money. Choice time though is an easy translation, it’s just their version of recess, it happened twice a day once in the morning for half an hour and one right after lunch for an hour and a half. During choice time kids play in the creek, take care of the chickens, if it’s snowed, you can go snow tubing on the large hill outside the gym and if it’s summer you can go swimming in pool below the basketball court. The “jargon” has ceased to appear in my everyday language, but an innumerable amount of smaller things have. One of them being my ability to speak informally and maturely with adults.

My innocent “Heck” soon turned into a “Why the hell can’t he shut the fuck up?”

“He’s never stops fucking talking” my friend would reply as we sat together on the couch in the corner of english class talking about another boy in our 7th grade year. After graduating miguon in 6th grade, I transitioned into Project Learn, an even smaller co-op school in Mt. Airy. It would be fair to say that it wasn’t the best influence on me. I became best friends with a girl who cursed out teachers on a bi-weekly basis. Now I never cursed out a teacher, but fuck, hell and shit became quite frequent in my informal speech. Luckily I was able and am still able to code switch when I’m in a more formal environment. Along with the addition of cursing, I also gathered new vocabulary as I suppose one does when one goes to a new community or place. My vocabulary had to shift from talking about trees and dirt to buildings and concrete. Sadly my time at Project Learn was short, after 2 years I had to head off to high school.

“Your benchmarks are due a week from today, It needs to be submitted to moodle, you have a work period for the rest of class so take out your laptops and get to work!”

For the past two years I have attended Science Leadership Academy. A school right in center city Philadelphia. If you go there you know it’s a unique place, It’s a 1 to 1 laptop school where kids have lots of control. Coming to SLA presented a few challenges in terms of “language barriers” for lack of a better term, here I was a little boy from a background of proper-ish speaking hippies dropped into an inner city school with people that speak with all sorts of accents and with dialects that were incredibly different from mine. It wasn’t hard to break the “language barrier” but the initial culture shock was an interesting phenomenon to see, the difference in language just within one city. When I came to SLA there were an abundance of new words that I adopted, mostly having to do with technology, like “moodle” a place for teachers to display and accept assignments with/from the students, “SLATE” an acronym for “Science Leadership Academy Technology Experience” is the blog network built into the SLA website. SLA being a diverse and very social environment, is always a place to learn new slang, In the movie “American Tongues” it says that slang and passing popular phrases don’t count, but I disagree. New slang pumps through the building like blood. School isn’t the only thing that’s shaped my language though, I’ve always been parts of communities outside of school.

About 6 months into my my first year at SLA I came out as gay, I was lucky enough to get involved with Mazzoni Center, an organization that works for LGBT equality especially with youth. I’m part of a group that helps GSAs (Gay Straight Alliance) in schools around the city, being part of this has opened many doors for me. One of which was being able to fly to Kentucky over the summer for a national GSA conference. While I was there for 4 days I must have learned 20+ new words. “Werq” may have been the most prominent, “werq” is a term that is used in the LGBT community a lot. Slang isn’t supposed to be considered part of a language, but contrary to popular belief “werq” had been a staple in the LGBT community for years. It originates from the drag community, during a performance spectators yell things like “you better werq” or simply ”werq” it’s a way of praising someone for a good show or for just being really good. Nowadays it’s meaning is more general and you can just use it when your friend looks really good today and you yell down the hall “you bettah werq!” That would probably be followed by a “thank you hunty”.

“Hunty” is another word originating from drag. Hunty is an endearing word that can be used in infinitely more situations than “werq”. “hunty” can basically replace any “honey” or terms of endearment. It’s origins are from combining the word honey and cunt and was used as an insult of sorts, but over the years has grown into more of, as I said before, a term of endearment. These aren’t words that I get to use a lot though, you really have to be in a group of queers to not sound crazy, although other words from that community have recently surfaced like “shade” although straight people have misconstrued the meaning and the actual meaning has been lost. These are in my repertoire, but I don’t find myself using them too often. If someone walked in looking really good I would probably be more inclined to just say “you look good today” to which they would reply “thank you”. But it all depends on the environment I’m in. I think I have a pretty well rounded language. I’d like to say that I’ve worked hard to create it, but the fact is it’s easy. I’ve gathered it from community’s, schools and home, and I’m sure it will continue to develop until the day I die.

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Transient Inspiration

I have no inspiration! I’m an artist right? Then why can’t I think of anything to paint? What’s wrong with me? I have my paint set out, brushes, a palette and then there’s a white paper sitting there mocking me. All I can draw it seems, are doodles, little scribble lines in bright blue and yellow. I paint these until the page is a muddy off-brown color sopping from layer after layer of paint weighing it down to the point of tearing. I take it and place it to dry but only to reveal another identical white paper beneath it. “Maybe I’m an abstract artist”, I think to myself, so I start to draw more squiggly lines, being careful not to overload the page like I had last time. After I was done I looked down to see a painting the likes of which can be found in the average kindergarden classroom. In that moment I realized how abstract art works: you still need to have inspiration for it to be interesting.        

So I dig down into a place of deep raw emotion, dip my brush into a blob of yellow paint and I draw a telephone phone, well... some might mistake it for technologically enhanced banana, next, I write the words “love you” squeezing out of the receiver, then, this time intentionally, I scribble it out. It’s harder to to artistically scribble something out than one might imagine, and I give this painting up, concluding that it too is a lost cause. 

To rationalize things, I tell myself “I’m only a sophomore in high school, I don’t have the emotions built up to the point that I am able to paint something in particular or well for that matter”. Feeling better, I sit at my desk doing nothing, as if to wait for some sort of inspiration to walk through the door and strike a pose in front of me. This, unfortunately does not occur, so I am left again with my mocking white paper. I start twirling my brush in the dollops of paint on my palate, mixing red, then white then yellow, then more red. I lift my brush from the palate and onto the paper, then slowly I drag the bush in a straight line 3/4 of the way across the page, then to my surprise the brush takes a sharp 120 degree turn, then another 60 degree turn, and then a final 120 degree turn returning the brush to finnish it’s straight line across the page. When I’m finished I have a read streak across my paper making the same shape you might see while watching one of those heart rate monitors in a hospital. I wash my brush off in a little plastic solo cup and watch the red paint disperse and dye the water. I mechanically like before dip my brush into a dollop of blue paint and draw a second line running parallel to the first. I look down and I have done it. I have made a successful painting, and I know what my lines symbolize too. This was the heartbeat that started my future as a painter. 

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Wynn Geary Sugar Skull

The Mask:



A sugar skull is a tradition originating from the Mexican holiday of day of the dead. Sugar skulls are something that were and are still used to decorate gravestones and altars but more recently become art projects like this. They tend to be decorated in a certain style that is hard to explain beyond “sugar skull” but essentially they painted with exaggerated features such as the teeth and tend to painted vibrantly.

I wasn’t able to have a fluid design process with this project, because of my trials and tribulations explained below. Originally I had drawn a mask with a zippered mouth representing the silence of the dead but (as explained below) The design ended up not being very practical. My “final” design is a very 2012 sugar skull, representing the hugely popular zombie fad sweeping the globe. I am still working on the mask as of now, but the idea is to cut the mask into a zombie-esque shape then paint it as if it were a sugar skull.

I was one of the few students willing to use my face as a mold. Along with spending 4+ classes getting plastered when I was finally ready to start painting my own mask I found that someone had taken mine and started paining it. After resolving the problem by yet again making a plaster mold let it dry for the next class. When I  came in for the next class I found that yet again my mask had been painted so for the next 2 1/2 classes I had to paint my skull from the red it had been painted back to white. During the last class I tried my original design of a zippered mouth but found that a zipper was quiet hard to draw under the conditions. I sat for a while returning the mask to its original white color thinking about what my next step would be when my zombie design came to me. The last part of the class was spent using a box cutter to cut the mask. 

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relajarse casa por Audrey Pham

Screen Shot 2012-06-04 at 8.58.43 AM
photo (7)
Screen Shot 2012-06-03 at 11.51.30 PM
Screen Shot 2012-06-03 at 11.52.13 PM
Screen Shot 2012-06-03 at 11.52.48 PM
En la casa hay un baño.  Está enorme, práctico y simple, y limpio. Hay una ventana es grande. ¡Que perfecto! 
Screen Shot 2012-06-03 at 10.47.39 PM
También tiene una cocina. Es grande, moderna, y limpia. Hay una nueva, estufa, horno, y una nevera. Ella puede cocinar y limpiar en la cocina. Hay espacio para cocinar delicioso comida. “Delicioso!”
Screen Shot 2012-06-03 at 10.52.07 PM
La casa también tiene un comedor. Está moderno y mucho simple. Hay una mesa y seis sillas grande. Ella y su novio será capaces de comer y descansar. ¡Es maravilloso! ¡Qué bonito!
Screen Shot 2012-06-03 at 11.13.05 PM
El edificio incluye un salón. Es mucho moderno, limpio y relajante. Hay dos ventanas grande, unos sofás, café tabla, y una televisión y un teléfono. Ella puede descansar, disfrutar y entretenerse. Es chulo!
Screen Shot 2012-06-03 at 10.11.18 PM
La parte más fantástica del edificio es su dormitorio. Incluye una cama, un tocador, un sofá y una televisión.
Screen Shot 2012-06-03 at 11.44.56 PM
Screen Shot 2012-06-03 at 11.47.03 PM
La oficina está pequena. Hay dos mesas (uno por trabajar y uno por personal). Espacio para trabajar mucho sin distracciones. “Es interesante.”
Screen Shot 2012-06-04 at 12.05.13 AM
El edificio también incluye calor y aire central. Ella le duerme cómodo y feliz toda la noche.

Diseñado por Wynn y Donesha 
Estamos construyendo un lujo de sueño para Audrey. Toda la casa está limpia.

Las Cazuelas

Screen Shot 2012-05-23 at 10.57.06 PM

1) Pollo Cazuelas 

Muy muy bien! Delicioso! 



2) Tacos Durados

simplemente bueno


de mal gusto 

3) Fijoles con Arroz



Me gusta mucho 

4) Chuletas Tentación



Por lo general yo no me gusta chuletas, pero yo encanta estos Chuletas Tentación

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Wynn & Monisha (Podcast)

Sazon Restaurante                   5-2-12

Waiter: Monisha
Customer: Wynn

Waiter:¡Hola! Mi nombre es Jackie.
Customer: ¡Hola! ¿Como esta?
Waiter: ¡Muy bien! ¿Qué le traigo?
Customer: Pues... ¿Tiene un buen el postre?
Waiter: Sí, Pero Nosotros tenemos bueno pollo por la cena  
Customer: ...No, Me gustaría, pues... torta tres leches
Waiter: Bueno, ¿Algo de tomar?
Customer: Jugo de guayaba por favor
Waiter: Sí, un minuto.

Order and Problem:
Waiter: Aquí tiene.
Customer: Mmm, gracias!
Waiter: ¡Buen provecho!
Customer: Traígame pollo frito también por favor
Waiter: Pues... bueno.
Customer: Gracias!

Later...Waiter: Aquí tiene
Customer: Gracias pero no tengo hambre ahora.
Waiter: Pero, tú ordenadas ya es (it’s already?)
Customer: Pero... (Yo no lo quiero)
Waiter: Tú necesito pago por la comida!
Customer: Yo no estoy pago.

Resolved & Conclusion
Customer: Bueno, claro. La cuenta, por favor.
Waiter: Bueno, un minuto.
Customer: Gracias!

Wynn Geary N/P space

"What is negative space?" 
Q1) Negative space is essentially the opposite of what you are used to draw. It allows you to focus on the shape of the object you are drawing opposed to say, texture.

Q2) In my drawing I just drew as normal then I erased any lines inside my "positive space" then i colored in the background and any holes where you could see the background. In my cut  out, I found it really easy, I was shadowing last year at the same time they were doing this, so I found this really easy. 

Q3) negative space helps the artist see the shape of what they are drawing

Q4) I personally don't think that Negative space enhances drawings. I prefer texture in a drawing opposed to shape, so it doesn't really apply.  

​Negative Space drawing:
Negative Space Cut Out: 
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How might we change the role of food inside SLA Reflection -Wynn Geary

Wynn- “How might we change the role of food inside SLA”. If you don’t bring your food to school you essentially have to options of how to get lunch. 1. A school lunch or 2. The school store. These are both unfortunately very unhealthy options one has highly processed, inexpensive food the other has candy. Like the Ted talk explained it’s not hard to change this. In the movie “Super Size Me” there is a short “report” for lack of a better word, on a disciplinary school that had decided to serve only healthy food. The school partnered with a all natural kitchen in the town. They noticed that the students emotions were actually affected by the healthy food, they actually became happier and more energy. The movie didn’t explain how, but it said that they that the healthy food was actually cheaper.

If SLA could partner with local grocery stores like Food For All in Mt. Airy, we could create a similar healthy lunch program. The Ted talk also explained that we need to start to educate the youth about where their food comes from etc. SLA already has a small garden by the river but what if we started an urban farm on the roof? If we did this, we could provide the SLA student body with fresh locally grown healthy food.   
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La parte 1: El Secreto de la pollo

Hay una familia en la ciudad de Japón. Hay un papá, una mamá, un hijo, y una hija. La familia tiene una apartamento muy grande. La familia tiene una pollo. Es una pollo grande. La pollo es muy importante. La pollo tiene un secreto. La pollo está triste. La pollo llora. La pollo le dice al papá “El mar, mamacocha, no está contento. Mamacocha va a destruir el mundo.” 
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Wynn Geary

Mi nombre es Wynn Geary. Tengo 15 años. Yo tengo mucho tarea por tanto yo nunca tengo tiempo libre. Yo siempre tengo mi telefono. Durante la dia pasar un rato con mis amigos en las clases. 
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Mi Maravilloso Bioquímica Clase!

SLA es muy loca, maravillosa y pequeña comparada con otro escuelas en filedelfia. SLA tiene muchos actividades, football y tecnología. Nosotros tenemos una biblioteca pero nosotros no tenemos un gymnasio. Hay veinte profesores y más-o-menos quinientos estudiantes. Nosotros son locado de norte veintidos calle y arch calle.

  Clase: Bioquimica

  Professor: Sherif

 Actividades:  estudiar vida, dibujar, escribir, ver en cosas microscopios.  

 Responsabilidades: Hacer la tarea, hacer projectos 

 Materiales: la computadora,

Opinion: la clase es muy interisante. 

La Clase De Bioquímica
Screen Shot 2012-02-05 at 2.15.37 PM
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La Clase de Tecnología es Asombroso!

SLA es muy loca, maravillosa y pequeña comparada con otro escuelas en filedelfia. SLA tiene muchos actividades, football y tecnología. Nosotros tenemos una biblioteca pero nosotros no tenemos un gymnasio. Hay veinte profesores y más-o-menos quinientos estudiantes. Nosotros son locado de norte veintidos calle y arch calle.

Clase: Tecnología  

Profesora: Hull

Actividades:  Nosotros ver videos y aprender sobre nuestro computadoras

Responsabilidades: completo ahorita

Materiales: La computadora

Opinion: Yo encanta la clase de tecnoloía

La Clase De tecnología
Screen Shot 2012-02-05 at 2.15.37 PM
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Mi Maravilloso Bioquímica Clase!

SLA es muy loca, maravillosa y pequeña comparada con otro escuelas en filedelfia. SLA tiene muchos actividades, football y tecnología. Nosotros tenemos una biblioteca pero nosotros no tenemos un gymnasio. Hay veinte profesores y más-o-menos quinientos estudiantes. Nosotros son locado de norte veintidos calle y arch calle.

  Clase: Bioquimica

  Professor: Sherif

 Actividades:  estudiar vida, dibujar, escribir, ver en cosas microscopios.  

 Responsabilidades: Hacer la tarea, hacer projectos 

 Materiales: la computadora,

Opinion: la clase es muy interisante. 

La Clase De Bioquímica
Screen Shot 2012-02-05 at 2.15.37 PM
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Clase: Bioquimica

 Professor: Sherif

 Actividades:  estudiar vida, dibujar, escribir, ver en cosas microscopios.  


Responsabilidades: Hacer la tarea, hacer projectos 


Materiales: la computadora,


Opinion: la clase es muy interisante.




Clase: Tecnología 


Profesora: Hull


Actividades:  Nosotros ver videos y aprender sobre nuestro computadoras


Responsabilidades: completo ahorita


Materiales: La computadora


Opinion: Yo encanta la clase de tecnoloía

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What I Know About Good Design


I learned a lot during my Moore collage of art graphic design 1 course. We started out with point line and plane studies, we had to arrange dots etc. into visually pleasing designs. This helped my designs immensely; it was a great thing to start out with because it had you essentially design something, just without the product. If you place 5 black dots in an aesthetically pleasing manor all you have to do is go one step further and replace the dots, with say apples or records, essentially anything round. You would do the same for lines, say a ladder, or a plane could be a piece of paper. Building off of this makes designing anything worlds easier, and made my designs look, close to professional. For the next part of the course we focused on photography, and we took pictures of natural points lines and planes flowers, sticks, and leafs. Then we moved to my favorite part of the course, we had to pick a singer or band and either make a CD case for. I chose to make one for my teacher at Project Learn. You can see his original, and then the one that I made. This is how I made it this far, and I’m looking forward to my graphic design 2 course this February.

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Wynn Geary Q2 media fluency

My friends make me; this is the phrase that inspired my slide. My text and photograph are set on a simple white background that represents my life without my friends. the text contrasts sharply with the background using bright fun colors, they represent my “hopefully” bright personality. The font I chose was  “taller evolution” I chose it because it still stayed with my other theme minimalism (for ease of reading), while still being exciting. Lastly there is the only picture, well its not actually the only picture, this is where “ my friends make me” comes in, this photograph of me is made up of pictures of my friends and I. It’s called a photo mosaic. I thought it would be perfect for this project. I chose this photo because the background is white and blends in with the background giving it a smoother, less choppy look.


Thank you 

websites that promote minimalism:
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¡Hola Juan Vitora!

Saludos desde Filadelfia


Mi llamo Wynn Geary. Tengo catorce años. Mi cumpleaños es doce en Febrero y soy de Filadelfia. En Filadelfia es mucho mucho frío y no me gusta nada. Cuando tengo tiempo libre me gusta escuchar música (me enchanta "noah and the whale" aquí aye vidéo), me gusta surfear la red y pasar un rato con amigos y depende del día ir a la escuela donde yo puede estar con mi mejor amigos. No me gusta nada bailar ni escribir. Mi es, sociable también artístico, creativo,Moreno, y muy extraño. me decencia europea, specifically alemáno, irlandéso, italiano y galés. ¿Y tú? ¿cómo eres?


Bueno, me voy porque tengo que completamente me tarea


Chow, Wynn Geary


P.S. Añádeme en facebook (Wynn Geary) y Sígame en twitter @WynnGeary



Mi en la schuylkill río
Mi en la schuylkill río
mi facebook y twitter cuadro 
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¡Hola Juan Vitora!

Saludos desde Filadelfia


Mi llamo Wynn Geary. Tengo catorce años. Mi cumpleaños es doce en Febrero y soy de Filadelfia. En Filadelfia es mucho mucho frío y no me gusta nada. Cuando tengo tiempo libre me gusta escuchar música (me enchanta "noah and the whale" aquí aye vidéo), me gusta surfear la red y pasar un rato con amigos y depende del día ir a la escuela donde yo puede estar con mi mejor amigos. No me gusta nada bailar ni escribir. Mi es, sociable también artístico, creativo, Moreno, y muy extraño. me decencia europea, specifically alemáno, irlandéso, italiano y galés. ¿Y tú? ¿cómo eres?


Bueno, me voy porque tengo que completamente me tarea


Chow, Wynn Geary


P.S. Añádeme en facebook (Wynn Geary) y Sígame en twitter @WynnGeary


Mi en la schuylkill río
​​Mi en la schuylkill río 
mi facebooky twitter cuadro 
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Roger Smith

Se llama Roger Smith. Tiene mil sesentos y uno años. Es de espacio pero vive en Washington D.C. Él es bajo y gordo. Él es muy muy cómic y muy perezos El es tambien un poquito inteligente pero es muy boba tambien, sin embargo, le enchanta bailar y relajar. No le gusta nada correr ni leer. 

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Telling Time In Spanish

In this post we're going to learn how to tell time in Spanish!

So lets start by learning numbers 1 through 12 in Spanish,

1 = uno (for telling ime we say una)
2 = dos
3= tres
4= cuatro
5= cinco
6= seis
7= siete
8= ocho
9= nueve
10= diez
11= once
12= doce

Here are some flash card for you to memorize,

Alright! so, now that you know how to say numbers 1 through 12 in spanish it time to start to learn how to say what time it is!

So you and your buddy are going to see a movie,

Your buddy asks you 
"¿qué hora es?" ("what time is it?")

You would respond...

If it was 1 o'clock on the dot you would say "es el una en punta" ("it is 1 o'clock exactly")
If it was 2 o'clock on the dot you would say "son las dos en punta" ("it is 2 o'clock exactly")
If it was o'clock on the dot you would say "son las tres en punta" ("it is 3 o'clock exactly")
If it was o'clock on the dot you would say "son las cuatro en punta" ("it is 4 o'clock exactly")
If it was 5 o'clock on the dot you would say "son las cinco en punta" ("it is 5 o'clock exactly")
If it was 6 o'clock on the dot you would say "son las seis en punta" ("it is 6 o'clock exactly")
If it was 7 o'clock on the dot you would say "son las siete en punta" ("it is 7 o'clock exactly")
If it was 8 o'clock on the dot you would say "son las ocho en punta" ("it is 8 o'clock exactly")
If it was 9 o'clock on the dot you would say "son las nueve en punta" ("it is 9 o'clock exactly")
If it was 10 o'clock on the dot you would say "son las diez en punta" ("it is 10 o'clock exactly")
If it was 11 o'clock on the dot you would say "son las once en punta" ("it is 11 o'clock exactly")
If it was 12 o'clock on the dot you would say "son las doce en punta" ("it is 12 o'clock exactly")

Here are some flash cards for you to memorize these,

Here is a fun website that may or may not help you, but its fun, so check it out,


Here is a quick video of how use these phrases in real life.

So you ar ein Costa Rica, and you are late for your train! how can you ask someone what time it is?
Spanish Video Time
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Los Días De La Semana (days of the week)


We will be learning the days of the week in spanish! 

 We will be starting simply learning the days.

lunes,      martes,     miércoles,      jueves,      viernes,   sábado,      Domingo.*
Monday,  Tuesday,   Wednesday,   Thursday,   Friday,    Saturday,
                                                           *The spanish days of the week are not capitalized. 

Don't know how to pronounce it? here's a video!

 (Click on the link for the video)

now that you know how to pronounce it, try to memorize los dias de la semana. Say both Spanish and English.

Now that you know how to say the days, lets try out some phrases. 

If you wanted to ask your friend what day it was you would say,

"¿Que dia es hoy?"

Your friend would reply

"Hoy es ________"

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Here is an example of how to use what you learned!

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How To Say The Weather In Spanish

​Alright, so now we will learn how to say the weather in Spanish.

So lets learn a few weather possibilities.

Hace* firo = it's cold

Hace calor = it's hot

Hace sol = it's sunny 

Have viento = it's windy 

Está* nublando = it's cloudy

Está húmedo = it's humid  

Está lloviendo = it's raining

Está nevando = it's snowing 

Here are some flash cards for you to memorize
​So those are the basics of weather is spanish, but what if it's partially cloudy, here are some word that wil come in handy so you can speak like a local.
Now that you now that you know the basics of the weather in spanish click here to see if you can understand the weather channel in spanish.

There is also temperature associated with weather, there is a basic template for telling time, it's easy as long as you know the numbers in spanish.

If you are just saying the temperature...

____ grados 

for example,

40 degrees = cuarenta grados 
20 degrees = veinte grados

If you don't quite have it yet don't worry heres an instructional video.

You are on vacation in Mexico and you are trying to plan which day to go on a hike, but all the weather stations

Are in Spanish, how do you know what day is going to be nice enough to go on your hike.

Spanish Video weather
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