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Warda Abuali Capstone


Hello. My name is Warda and I'm a senior at Science Leadership Academy. For my capstone I decided to host a blood drive. I’ve always wanted to try and do the best I could for my community so I thought that I would do this so that people in our community would be able to save lives. I wanted to help save lives, but I also wanted people to save lives too so that we were all helping out together. 

When I decided to do this I thought I wasn’t going to pull it off. For one, I had to keep setting up meetings with the people at the Red Cross and they were telling me how I had to do everything. It was really scary at first. Then I had to start getting people in our school to sign up and that was tough for me. Majority of the students were scared of needles, or doctors or even blood so I had to find to sign up least 60 people to actually get the Red Cross people to come to our school. However, I did end up signing up those people. 

Once, the day was here I was so scared that all my donors were going to forget about it. But I stuck to my plan and when I started the blood drive every single donor pulled through and people who I didn’t even sign up decided that they wanted to donate blood. On February 5, 2015 I donated 38 pints of blood to the Red Cross. Lastly, for my capstone I am going to teach you how to run a successful blood drive.