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Trinity Middlebrooks Capstone

Throughout the course of my capstone I only ran into two problems. The first was coming up with an idea. I knew that I wanted to teach the public, but I was not sure what the topic would be or how I would go about educating the public. Inspiration for my capstone struck when I was visiting a college campus earlier this year. I was a part of a program where admissions officers from the college came and talked to prospective students to give them inside knowledge about applying to college. I thought that the information they gave on on applying to college was so useful, that everyone should know it. And thus my capstone on the college application process was born. The second problem I had was choosing a platform for my project. My first idea was to make a pamphlet of sorts with all of the tips and tricks I learned about the application process from the many seminars I attended, but that idea fell through because I had too much to say and not enough space to say it in. My second idea was to write a short book, but I soon dismissed that idea when I remembered the amount of books that already existed with the same idea. Out of ideas, I went to my mentor who suggested creating a website to make my information easily accessible. This option satisfied my issues of having enough space and having the chance of being slightly more unique.