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Tamira Bell's Capstone: Photography Portfolio

To often people live their lives without meaning, simply going through the motions. They live a boring, mediocre life because they have not found their passion. A quote that I have heard many times in my youth is "A life without passion is not worth living.” The word passion in this sense can be defined as a strong or extravagant fondness or desire for anything. When you live your life without a passion or something that you have a high interest in, your life can be very dull and lifeless. My passion is photography.

For my capstone, I created a photography portfolio that features portrait and nature photography. The purpose of choosing this as my capstone was that I wanted to have a portfolio of my work so that I present it the world and expand it in college. Creating this portfolio really helped me sharpen my photography and editing skills. I took a lot of photos in a studio with a 3 light set up, so I learned a lot about lighting up my subject and adjusting my camera to the right settings under that light. I also learned about photo composition and what makes a photo visually appealing. I applied several photographic principles, one being the rule of thirds. I edited all of my photos in Adobe Photoshop. For most pictures it took me on an average of 30 minutes to edit. However some of the more complex pictures took anywhere from an hour to 5 hours to edit. I hope that you enjoy my portfolio.