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Rosalie Swana Capstone


I have had a strong love and connection with music all my life. My father is a professional jazz musician, I know how hard it can be making money from the jazz scene in Philadelphia these days. I knew that for this project I was going to do something to put the Philadelphia jazz scene on display. 
After attending several public schools, i’ve seen how hard it is to be a musician when there is no room in the budget for instruments . So I decided to photograph various Jazz musicians around Philadelphia and sell them, having all the proceeds go to funding instruments in public schools. I created a website and facebook page to display these images. 
During these months I developed an even stronger bond with jazz. Stronger because it was developed by me and not by my parents influence. I had to learn to be ok with falling flat on my face during this process. I am thankful that I have had this opportunity and that I chose this to be my capstone.

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