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Nomi Martin-Brouillette Captsone

​I want to be a community organizer when I grow up, and I care a lot about the future of public education and public goods/infrastructure in this country. For my Capstone, I started a Philadelphia Student Union chapter at SLA. We met every week on Thursdays in Mr. Blocks room during X Band for the whole period, averaging with about 10 people at each meeting with 20 people who were involved in some way. I planned and facilitated the meetings and activities each week. This met with meeting with the executive director of PSU every week. To start a chapter, I also had to join the citywide meetings and involve myself with citywide campaigns. With the chapter and in the citywide PSU I helped organize protests, rallies, and direct actions, spoke at rallies, volunteered, lectured in college classes, launched campaigns, recruited members, planned and facilitated meetings, registered voters, connected with Student Unions across the country, developed leaders at SLA to take over next year, and wrote for the PSU newsletter.

I learn a lot about what it means to be an organizer. I learned nitty gritty things like when to time meet ins, sign in/up sheets, larger things like developing leaders, talking to the press, planning actions, facilitating meet ins. I also learned big lessons about organizing, organizing and ethics, how hard this work is, claiming power, making space for everyone, and what kind of world I want to live in. 

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - A campaign the SLA chapter of PSU launched. - Our twitter campaign for our More Than A Test campaign started by SLA PSU chapter members.

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