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Malwina Dymek Capstone

I knew I wanted to study biology when I go to college, but I never knew who I want to become. As a part of my senior Capstone project I decided to shadow a nurse practitioner to see if I am interested in working with the patients or do something else in the medical field as well. The office Adina works at is a private practice and its main focus are heart conditions. I started shadowing Adina in June 2015 and continued each Wednesday until May 18th, 2016 (total of 141 hours). I am glad I go to work with her for the past year because I learned a lot from her. This experience allowed me work with the patients and see what it takes to be a really good nurse practitioner. As my final product I created a website that includes my reflection of the shadowing experience and common health problems in the patients who came to the appointments. I learned how to talk to them because many people do not open up right away. I learned that patients need to be comfortable around you to say what is wrong or what are their concerns. Adina also taught me that in the medical field you should do everything you can so there is no harm and less medication, if possible.