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Karoline Castillo Capstone

Since my first year at Science Leadership Academy, I’ve always taken art with Miss Hull. I carried this passion from elementary and middle school. I’ve practiced painting ceiling tiles, water colors, and canvases of different sizes. So, it would only be fair if I made artwork my capstone. When walking around Science Leadership Academy (SLA), there is art all around. The walls have been painted by different students throughout each year. My goal, was to extend my art outside of SLA’s walls and inspire others with our creativity. Children are my passion, so why not donate inspiring art work that will uplift their spirits?

The original goal was to donate the paintings to The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. However, they rejected it because they only take in money or supplies. My next option, was Greene Towne School, but I was put on a waiting list. Then, it occurred to me that most schools were not as open minded and liberal as my school is. I didn’t think this would be the hardest part of my capstone since the paintings were free! Finally, I just decided to donate the paintings to children who I felt would benefit more from the portraits and would be even happier to hang them in their rooms or environments. 

Making children happy and helping out is what I want to do in the future. Not only will my career (nursing) will help others, but it would make me happy inside that my hobby/passion, painting, will help and lift spirits up as well. 

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