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Heaven Mendez- Capstone

After a long, grueling four years, you tend to have a lot to say, and no platform to share those thoughts with, and while blogs are totally socially acceptable, having created maybe eight or nine of them, it loses it's effectiveness. The product of nearly a year and a half of work, comes This Book Got Me 302'd, my own take at trying to process the last few years of my life. Part memoir, part completely drawn out, teary rant, this book is an extension of myself, in the written world. I tried to create something that best utilizes my skills, while still having the ability to mean something more than a couple hundred pages thrown together. It's not everyday you get the chance to actually sit down and write for a purpose. This is probably one of my greatest pieces coming out of SLA, something I'm extremely proud of, and something that hopefully leaves something meaningful behind to anyone who happens to read it.