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Gabrielle Smullen Capstone

My capstone focused on mentoring the youth. I focused on two girls that have absolute potential to be the best versions of themselves but needed an extra push when they ran into normal high school obstacles that can make their journey a little more complicated to get through. This project enabled me to bring young african american ladies together in a way where they found themselves and understood what they needed from themselves and myself to be successful in their achievements while staying passionate and grounded about what was important to them. This learning goal is appropriate for me because it will teach me how to become a better leader and a compassionate, understanding person while being able to connect the things I can relate with to the things that these girls go through and are continuing to go through. This was not always easy because whilst dealing with their problems, I still had to deal with mine and I had to try and not make the two clash because I wanted to be there for them completely mentally, physically and emotionally. I can say that, that was one of the challenging parts throughout my capstone. It was a good experience and the girls and I can both walk away from this with a strong relationship with each other and ourselves. This mentorship and relationship will continue far beyond this capstone which was one of the biggest goals that I set for myself. I didn’t want them to feel like a project, I wanted to make clear that they will forever have someone to look up to and I will always continue to be their big sister.