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Caitlin Keough Capstone

My Capstone was inspired by the internship I have had at my old elementary and middle school, Green Woods Charter School, for the past three years. Over the course of the past five years GWCS has changed a lot and collectively been in four very different school buildings. The school currently resides in it's permanent location that they built from the ground up. Not only is the school in a brand new building, but the GWCS community has more than doubled and there are a lot of families that aren't as familiar with what GWCS is all about. The adjusting process was difficult so for the first part of my Capstone I made a informational brochure for prospective families to use to get a glimpse at the school. 
The school's campus is unique and suits GWCS's mission to create a better and more eco-friendly world. They have a lot of new technology on the grounds of their school that a lot of people have never seen before. For the second part of my Capstone, I created signs that teach visitors about the technology and have code on them that links to a website with even more information on the environmental technology that GWCS uses. 

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