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Brittany Cooper Capstone

After 13 years of swimming with Jim Ellis and Tracy Freeland, fro PDR which is now SAKA (Salvation Army Kroc Aquatics) I have acquired my water safety skills then the average person. As result in the summer I found a job that would best suit me! I would work for the City of Philadelphia Department of Recreation as a Lifeguard. Due to the fact I wanted to be a lifeguard, I had to take a Lifeguard certification class. This was a 4 week course, going to Lincoln High school’s pool to train. The purpose of this class is to help prepare me in a case of emergency, at work. We trained in 3ft of water and 12 feet of water (which is called a tank). I was taught how to rescue a patrons in shallow water and deep water. I was also taught how to properly perform CPR. As well as how to use an AED (Automated External Defibrillator).

During my second year working at Lonnie Young Rec. Center. I had a to save a 2 year old baby! It scared the crap out of me .. Literally! It was at that moment I asked myself, “Why doesn’t he know how to swim?” I also thought how did he get so close to the water with out his parent knowing. I decided to make capstone on the importance of water safety. I choose this because kids and adults too, are scared of the water or don’t know their limit.

Below you will found my Annotated Bibliography. 

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