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Brian Torres Capstone

For my capstone, I worked with my church(The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints aka the Mormon Church) to better improve the family history/ancestry program that is run through the church with a program known as Indexing. Indexing is a program that is used my members of the LDS church to further increase the database of names in the church's genealogy records so that things can be done in a more sacred setting. So, to further simplify what it is that I did, for my capstone, I worked with the genealogy group at my church to archive as many names as I could through the Indexing program into the LDS church's database. I chose to have my dad as my mentor, for several reasons, for one I knew that he would keep me in check through the whole process of completing the project and was always asking me for updates on how far along I was.

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 7.15.27 PM
What you see in the picture above is just one of the many files I went through and archived names and information that I could find based off of those documents. In the photo, we can tell that what I'm looking at is a draft registration card for someone who had just been drafted into the US Military to go on and enlist to fight in WWII. On the left side of the card, we see a good portion of personal info about the person(name, place of birth and current place of living, date of birth, etc.) and on the right side which is a little cut off is where we see more info describing his looks(race, height, weight, complexion, hair and eye color) and we also at the bottom of that part of the page which is cut off in the photo, we see the date that the person became a registered and enlisted member of the US Military.
The indexing program was and is a very tedious program to work with. Everytime you download a file to archive/index, you as the user are given a week to complete the indexing of that particular file before the file is removed from the user's account and returned to the database of files yet to be fully indexed so that someone else somewhere in the world can finish what you started.
Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 11.13.27 PM
What you see in the above picture is the screen the user is brought to when they log in. As you can see here, at the moment that the picture was taken, I was working on two different files(which are known as batches in the Indexing program), one thing that stands out is the due dates for each one, once the due date reaches three days or less before a batch is due, the file name will turn red signifying to you that time is running out and that you need to finish or get as much done before the batch expires and is returned to the system.