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Amirah Bolling Capstone

For my Senior Capstone I decided to create a mentor program for young girls. Settling down with one Idea became very hard for me. I collaborated with Imani Weeks for this capstone. I decided to work with girls because I am the only child. I know that as I grow into the person I am today, looking back now, I wish I had someone there to talk. When finding people to mentor, I instantly thought of my mother's Middle School, Wagner Middle School in Mt. Airy. Middle schoolers are going through the phase of change such as puberty, family troubles and just trying to get a grasp on becoming a teenager.

I had to get permission from the principal to start this program. She thought it was an amazing idea, this was something that the girls needed. Following this meeting I made permission slips that would go out to the parents of the girls giving them a overview of this mentoring group. I wanted the girls to have a safe environment to talk freely and not feel judged. I had girls interested in the program & if they decided they wanted to join they could.

Each week on Wednesdays I would meet with the girls. Each week there was a new topic to be discussed, followed by a lesson plan. When the girls came I made them write in their journals with different journal prompts every week. We would sit in a circle and have group conversations about our weekly topics.