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Wilma Theater Residency Comes to Senior English!

SLA English students in Ms. Dunn's classes have had the unique opportunity to work with teaching artists and actors from The Wilma Theater over the last three years. While it has been part of the 9th grade English experience for two years (Macbeth in 2010 and Our Class in 2011), this year the Seniors in Sexuality and Society in Literature classes had their chance to experience this amazing partnership through their study of Tony Kushner's Angels in America. Since mid-September, students have explored this powerful play via the HBO miniseries version and also the Wilma stage production currently running. We attended a matinee of Part 1: Millennium Approaches and had actors from the production work with us in sessions both before and after to help us engage physically with the play, and also discuss some of the its larger issues. Our last session was this week; we are sad to see The Wilma go, but look forward to continued partnerships into the future!
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