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SLA Students Starting their own Businesses

Students in the Individualized Learning Plan (ILP), "Startup Corps" spent the year developing their own businesses and organizations from scratch.
Michael Sanders, above, worked with seasoned entrepreneurs to develop his idea of a babysitting substitute: a place where parents can go for an outing, with a separate area for monitoring children.  His business is not open yet, but he's planning to complete his vision in the years to come.
​Rashaun Williams (left) and Anthony Torrance (right) started a non-profit called "Fresh Philly," whose mission it is to make the city of Philadelphia a more beautiful place.  They've organized volunteers to complete neighborhood cleanups and garbage sweeps, and also have collaborated with other local non-profits.  Rashaun Williams was awarded the First Niagara Scholarship in the amount of $2,500 for his incredible progress and commitment to the program and his community. 
​Gisela Giolafina, above, worked with her community church to raise over $15,000 to start a community space for South Philadelphia children and adolescents.  The goal of this project is to create better outcomes for young Philadelphians by providing them with a safe, productive environment for after school hours.
​Tenzin Ngawang used graphic design software to design her own line of bumper stickers.  She sold these at school and donated the profits to Red Cross disaster relief in Japan.
​Blase Biello started a mobile application development business, called BLOxAPPS, which already has iOS and Android apps on the market, bringing in a profit.  Search the Android Market for BLOxAPPS to see his work.
Elona Myftaraj (front) and Newon Dennis (back) collaborated to create a fashion line called "Enticing."  Newon was responsible for the designs, while Elona managed production.  They worked together on marketing strategies and accounting.  Elona and Newon were awarded the Pierce Scholar of the Year Award for their business and were presented with $500 to invest in its future.
The Startup Corps Individualized Learning Plan (ILP)