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SLA Families Go To Harrisburg

[Post Written by SLA Parent Sarah Stuart]

The SLA kids were awesome yesterday.  Leo Levy, Jordan McLaughlin, Mia Weathers-Fowler, Amy Chen, Goldie Robins and Taylor Thomas were articulate, powerful and magnificent.  They worked so hard and did SLA proud.

SLA parents were also amazing.  Anne Bigler, Arden Kass, Liz Hersh, Laura Schwingel, and Denise Larabee came through in each and every way.  Anne and Arden especially did a heavy lift in pulling together the letters excerpts, designing the posters and producing the "program" of our press event.  The event would NOT have happened without them.

It's an honor to be associated with such dedicated students and parents!  

Thank you to everyone at SLA who made yesterday possible!

Media Footage: Metro Philly

KYW News

Philly Magazine


Patriot News (Mia Weathers is quoted towards the end of this story)