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Bruskin Hardware: A Short Documentary & Website

Bruskin Hardware: A Short Documentary & Website


By: Matthew Scuderi


In School Mentor: Chris Alfano

Outside Mentor: Irvin Bruskin



My capstone project focused on the history and overall establishment of a local South Philadelphia historic hardware store through the means of a short documentary and website.



            For my capstone, I decided to improve my joint history and English benchmark from my junior year and completely renovate the website that I created for the project. A website alone seemed too quick and easy, so I compiled a short documentary that took hours of work throughout the school year to complete. In the documentary, I focus on what the store is, what it is like, the history of the store, and I touch on many other aspects of the store via narration and interview answers from the manager of the store. The website focuses on most of the same things as the documentary, but offers further exploration of the store and the history behind it with photos and text. Included in the website is also store information. Through the process of this project, I spent time planning the website’s features, planning and conducting narration and interview question, filming, and film editing. Through this project, I learned many things about the hardware store that I did not know before and also gained a lot of learning experiences from web design and film editing as well as storytelling.


Capstone Project Location (Website):
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